Let’s discuss why you should hire a bouncy castle

we will tell you why you should hire a bouncy castle

Big or small we’ve got em’ all!

Forget about a preconceived notion of a crusty old bouncy castle at a dodgy christening in the 90s – bouncy castles have massively evolved since then, and we can offer absolutely all kinds of castles in different shapes and sizes, so that’s why we are here to tell you why you should hire a bouncy castle.

When we call them castles, they’re actually a hell of a lot more than that!

Liverpool’s best professional bouncy castle company

Here at Better Bounce, we have a massive array of bouncy castles to hire that suit all tastes, requirements and budgets, and you really can hire a bouncy castle for any event or occasion – whether it’s a small or large gathering.

A bouncy castle is bound to be something you’ve been on and enjoyed, and there is absolutely no age limit to jumping around! It’s time to get the new generation of kids on board and throw them in the mix of the madness – we guarantee they will love it!

Here are some of the best reasons to hire a bouncy castle from a professional bouncy castle company like Better Bounce:

Cost effective

When it comes to bouncy castles, they are a really cheap way of entertaining the kids for the day. Still not sure? Here’s a little comparison for you – don’t worry, we won’t start singing ‘go compare’…

We are a professional bouncy castle company that provides bouncy castle hire in Merseyside, so we have had a look at the Gulliver’s World website as a typical family day out in the area. For a family of four, you would pay £15.95 for 4 x tickets online, in advance of the date you are going, which is a total of £63.80 for tickets alone, before you pay for food, drink and transport.

Our bouncy castles start at just £35, and have the capacity to entertain a lot more people than just a family of 4. Plus, we come to you – no transport costs involved.

Bouncy castle hire in Merseyside is starting to sound really good isn’t it?

Portable and versatile

You can fit a bouncy castle almost anywhere, and they are inflated in around 5-10 minutes, if that. As long as there is a flat bit of land, we can put a castle up, so no matter where your venue is, we can bring the entertainment to you.

Keeps kids entertained

Bouncy castles have an allure to kids quite unlike any other, and you will struggle a lot more when it comes to getting the kids off the castle, rather than encouraging them to jump on. By paying a flat fee for your bouncy castle, you have your entertainment covered in one option, and the chances of the kids getting bored are slim to none! And what does it mean when kids are entertained?

The adults get a bit of peace!

Encourages kids to be active

It happens all far too often these days – kids get a computer and fail to show any desire to move away from the screen. A bouncy castle is a fantastic way to get kids on their feet, into the outdoors and bouncing around, getting a bit of much needed exercise away from the television screen.

Bouncy castles let kids be kids, and not just little adults with a CGI childhood!

They suit any occasion

They really do! In fact, why do you even need a specific occasion? If the sun is shining and the ground is dry – there’s your excuse! And even if it’s a bit drizzly, that’s OK too, we provide covers!

However, we understand that most people make a bouncy castle a special treat, but don’t limit yourself to just birthdays or parties – get one for Valentine’s Day, or St. Patrick’s Day – make a real day of it!

Now you know why you should hire a bouncy castle

When it comes to our castles, they’re fun for all events; so what are you waiting for, you know why you should hire a bouncy castle!

We’ve got a huge selection of bouncy castles to choose from so get picking, get ordering and we will see you on the day when we deliver and inflate the castle for you.