The ideal school holiday ideas – Bouncy castle hire!

School holiday ideas by Better Bounce Castle Hire

Half term bouncy castle hire

Are you looking for school holiday ideas to keep the children entertained this half term?

We know it’s not easy to come up with endless interesting ways to keep the family occupied while they’re at home, particularly in the changeable British climate but we can make a pretty good case for kid’s bouncy castle hire as a half term activity, whether you happen to be throwing a party or not.

Healthy, active, school holiday ideas

School holiday ideas are difficult enough to come up with. Trying to think up activities that are fun, engaging and healthy is an even bigger battle. That is where a bouncy castle can come in very handy!

Stick a bouncy castle up in the back garden and your children will love you for it.

They’ll also happily spend the day outside, whatever the weather, using up all of their excess energy and completely ignoring their computer games, smartphones and the various other gadgets that are ‘absolutely necessary’ in the life of all pre-teens these days.

As school holiday ideas go there is no better way to get them on their feet and playing outside the old fashioned way than kids bouncy castle hire!

Low cost bouncy castle hire

Bouncy castle hire is cheaper than you might think. Lots of our castles are available from just £35 for weekday hire.

For that price we’ll come along and inflate the castle, then come and take it away again when you’ve finished, leaving behind no mess whatsoever and causing you no hassle.

All castle no hassle, you might say.

Well, you might not but we couldn’t resist. Shall we put that on a t-shirt do you think?

Are you planning a sleepover? If the undisputed king of all school holiday ideas is on the agenda and you have a team of children descending on you one evening you can even keep your bouncy castle over night at no extra cost! The thought of keeping them out in the garden until they’ve exhausted themselves appeals to you, don’t it?

We can tell.

Naturally enough, once the kids have been packed off to bed there’s every chance that you might not be able to resist the urge to have a little bounce yourself.

You don’t have to.

Plenty of our castles are suitable for adults as well as children. Just ask us for a grown up friendly castle when you call us. And don’t forget grown ups – bounce responsibly!

If you’re planning a birthday party, throwing a family friendly event or just looking for the coolest of budget school holiday ideas, let us help. Drop us a line for bouncy castle hire in Liverpool.