Looking for an Everton Bouncy Castle to Hire?

Our Everton bouncy castle

Everton Fans, Are You Ready?

If you’re planning the perfect party for the little footy fanatic in your life and they favour the blues, then our Everton bouncy castle really is your obvious choice.

Of course, let us say up front, that the equivalent is also available for fans of LFC… we’re not biased when it comes to bouncing!

Reasons to Rent a Football Bouncy Castle

Bouncy castles provide a fun, energetic and surprisingly low cost activity for a children’s birthday party.

They keep the action (and the mess) outside and do a great job at tiring out the your young party goers, so that they head home happy and relaxed.

If you’re throwing a party for children up to and including young teens then bouncy castles are Liverpool’s top activity of choice.

Of course every party has a theme and for many children that will be football.

For those littluns from Liverpool we have a selection of football bouncy castles – our Everton bouncy castle and, naturally, the LFC bouncy castle too.

All you need to do is pick your team and give us a call. We’ll take care of the rest.

Size, Price and Requirements for our Everton Bouncy Castle

The Everton bouncy castle from Better Bounce bouncy castles Liverpool is 10ft x 12ft, so you’ll need 12ft x 15ft of garden space in order to accommodate it.

If you have a significantly larger space, you could always consider catering for both teams by hiring the LFC bouncy castle to go with it!

Both the Everton bouncy castle and its red equivalent cost just £35 to hire on weekdays or £40 during the weekend but if you opt for both football bouncy castles you’ll receive a discount and get both for just £70 in total, whether it’s a weekday or a weekend!

What Goes with a Football Bouncy Castle?

We don’t just supply bouncy castles to Liverpool’s party planning public.

If you want a hassle free party, why not consider hiring a hot dog machine and even getting your party bags from us, in the form of sweet cones.

Our fun food options definitely impress (children and adults alike) and allow you to hand everything – including the catering – over to us for prices much lower than you might expect.