Inflatables to Hire; Including Inflatable Nightclubs in Liverpool

The VIP Lounge of Your Life!

Better Bounces inflatable nightclubs are the VIP destinations this winter.

Nights out this time of year mean traipsing round in the cold and wet, packed pubs and taxi queues, while house parties – now that BBQ season is well and truly behind us – lead to a influx of people in the front room and a house in disarray the following day.

If you don’t fancy clearing up the kitchen with a hangover, let Better Bounce, Liverpool’s best bouncy castle hire company, rescue your next special occasion.

Clubbing in Your Back Garden

Bouncy castles aren’t the only inflatables to hire these days.

Far from it.

Now you can create your own temporary VIP venue anywhere with our incredible inflatable nightclubs.

We get rave reviews every time we hire these out.

Fully waterproof, warm, spacious and available with disco lights, chairs and tables, a sound system and even a karaoke machine you can make your night anything you want it to be, inside your very own inflatable nightclub.

The walk home at the end of the night may only be the length of your garden but we guarantee you’ll forget where you are when you’re enjoying yourself on the dancefloor!

Inflatable Nightclubs for Children’s Parties

They don’t come messier than children’s parties.

If you’d like to keep the party outside, even in the winter months, an inflatable nightclub could be your dream come true.

In many cases, this could be cheaper than hiring a venue and, if you’re lucky enough to have a big enough garden, you can even continue the inflatable theme by opting for bouncy castle hire as well!

Dance space and bounce space – what could be better?

Well VIP inflatable nightclubs come with red carpets, ropes and posts to welcome guests in style and the high quality sound system allows you to connect your own music.

Inflatable Nightclub and Bouncy Castle Hire; The Details

Better Bounce offers bouncy castle hire from just £35 and inflatable nightclub hire from £150 per day.

Inflatable nightclubs require 18 – 19ft of space.

Take a look at what happy customers have said about us and get in touch for more details.