Liverpool bouncy castle; Yes the football ones!

Our Liverpool bouncy castle

A Liverpool FC fans dream castle

We recently wrote about our blue football bouncy castle so now it’s time to even things up by catering for the red side of the city with our Liverpool bouncy castle.

There’s Liverpool bouncy castle hire and then there’s Liverpool Bouncy castle hire and our LFC castles are definitely the latter!

If you’re planning a party in for sometime in the coming months then get your booking in quick, our Liverpool bouncy castle is a popular choice and 2017 bookings are already rolling in.

Planning a football bouncy castle party?

In Liverpool, bouncy castle parties are a very popular choice.

Of course, every party has a theme and being one of the city’s greatest collective passions, football is amongst the most popular themes there is.

For LFC fans up to the early teens, our Liverpool bouncy castle cannot be beaten.

It’s available from just £35 (for weekdays, £40 for weekend hire) and provides hours worth of active fun.

At 10 x 12 feet, you’ll need 12 x 15 feet of garden space available to accommodate it.

Assuming you have that, there’s the party off to a flying, or bouncing, start.

It’s very likely that you’ll have fans from both sides of the city at your party, so if you have a large enough outdoor space and you really want to throw the football bouncy castle party to end all others you could consider hiring both our red and blue castles.

This is a particularly good option for fairs and charity events but works equally well in a large garden.

Hiring matching football castles means that you save on both at weekends, with the two available for just £70 including set up, any day of the week.

The best in Liverpool for bouncy castle hire

If you are planning to hire a Liverpool bouncy castle, or an Everton one for that matter, you need look no further than Better Bounce.

Five minutes on our website will show you plenty of testimonials from happy customers and could even see you hiring a hot dog or candy floss machine to go with your Liverpool bouncy castle, because since you can leave even the catering of your party to us why wouldn’t you?