Inflatable nightclub hire by Better Bounce

Inflatable nightclub hire by Better Bounce

Combine bouncy castle and nightclub for double the fun!

Whether you’re looking for a safe place for teenagers to party or you would like a night out for adults that doesn’t involve negotiating a busy city centre, inflatable nightclub hire is well worth your consideration.

That’s right, inflatables aren’t just for children you know?

Inflatable discos

Our inflatable discos are the new way to party in comfort and style. If you’re planning a family party, don’t have the whole tribe traipsing round your house and forget about the need to pay expensive venue costs. Now you can invite us round to create the perfect event space in your very own back garden. Inflatable nightclub hire is available for just £150, any night of the week.

There is no queue at these venues. You receive your own red carpet, ropes and posts, as well as a roomy space that, we’ll just say it, looks a lot more classy from inside than you’d think an inflatable could look!

We’ll equip you with tables and chairs, disco lights, an amazing sound system and even your own karaoke machine!

For the £150 inflatable nightclub hire price you get to keep the inflatable overnight, as standard, so the party can go on as late as you like!

Inflatable disco or bouncy castle nightclub?

The biggest decision, when it comes to hiring an inflatable venue, is this – to bounce or not to bounce? Not only do we offer a range of inflatable nightclubs for hire, including several colours and even our funky looking igloo bar, we also have options that combine our two most popular products – the inflatable nightclub and the bouncy castle.

The bouncy castle nightclub is exactly what it sounds like – all the fun of a bouncy castle with all the amenities of an inflatable nightclub (except the tables and chairs, that’d just be dangerous). If you’re inviting the whole family round or planning a nice meal then the nightclub may be your best option.

However, if the teenagers in your family are planning a shindig then the bouncy floor, fully enclosed with a roof, lit by disco lights and boasting it’s own banging sound system might work for you.

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