Inflatable Igloo Hire…

our inflatable igloo hire

Because We Don’t Get Enough Snow for you to Build Your Own

If you found this post by Googling ‘inflatable igloo hire‘ then kudos to you my friend, kudos indeed.

Clearly you have heard of, or perhaps even experienced first hand, the joys of partying in your own inflatable venue.

Our inflatable dome tent is particularly perfect for this time of year.

It’s party season, it’s feeling decidedly frosty outside and thanks to Better Bounce you can create your own winter wonderland with a whopping 18ft x 22ft inflatable igloo marquee.

Your Own Igloo Marquee Winter Wonderland

Christmas parties might be the highlight of the year for some people but they invariably lead to a trudge home that you could do without.

It’s too cold and dark to walk home.

It’s too busy to hail a taxi.

The inflatable dome tent means that none of that need matter to you any more!

Now, thanks to inflatable igloo hire, you can bring the venue to you; and what a venue it is!

Inflatable it may be but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just for kids.

With disco lighting, plus the addition of ice blue chairs and tables, you’ll mistake our inflatable dome tent for a nightclub as soon as you step inside.

The distinctive shape of this inflatable means that it looks great on the approach as well.

At this time of year it makes a perfect addition to a garden full of festive décor.

The Benefits of Inflatable Igloo Hire

Just in case all of this isn’t enough, let us tell you about a few additional benefits to inflatable igloo hire.

A hire from Better Bounce really does secure everything you could want to throw the best party ever, including speakers that can be connected to your own mobile device, allowing you to stay in full control of the soundtrack AND a karaoke machine to get things in full swing.

Inflatable igloo hire costs just £150 any night of the week and you get to keep it overnight at no extra cost, meaning there need be no kicking out time until morning!

For a festive party with flare, let us tempt you into the hire of our inflatable dome tent.

Visit the inflatable nightclub page of our site to take a look at a video of the igloo in action and to read some testimonials.

We promise you, you won’t be disappointed.