New inflatable games from Better Bounce

Inflatable Games football shoot out

The perfect accompaniment to bouncy castle hire

In case bouncy castles weren’t enough, we now offer a couple of inflatable games for hire as well. So, for your next children’s or family party you can add inflatable football and inflatable basketball games to your party activities and keep the guests busy for hours!

Inflatable games on offer

At the moment there are two inflatable games for hire from Better Bounce.

The first is an inflatable basketball shooter game. If playing with older children the different hoops offer the chance to score points and turn it into a high scoring family game. If playing with younger children, the lower hoops mean that everyone has something they can aim for.

Requiring a space of 10ft x 16ft the impressively tall inflatable basketball game is available for £45 per day in the week and £50 at the weekend.

The second inflatable game in our collection is a football penalty shoot out. Bound to keep your little (and larger) footballers busy for hours it pair great with Everton or Liverpool bouncy castle hire for a footy themed party. This inflatable game invites players to kick a ball through different holes to score points.

Requiring a space of 15ft x 13ft the entertaining inflatable football shoot out game is available for £40 per day throughout the week and £45 at the weekend.

Hire both of these inflatable games together, any day of the week and save £10.

Inflatable games and bouncy castle hire

Of course, as well as these new inflatable games we also have plenty of bouncy castle available for hire.

If you have the space to accommodate both, the games make a great accompaniment to bouncy castle hire. Between bouncing and basket-balling or penalty shoot outs, hiring multiple inflatables makes for an impressive and memorable party, with minimal need for you to spend time and effort planning other games and activities. We have several packages available that could save you money if you hire more than one item from us AND we even have a selection of ‘fun food’ options available that could make it a whole lot easier for you to cater as well.

Get everything for your party under one roof (or, should we say, into one garden) from Better Bounce Bouncy Castle Hire.