Hire a Halloween bouncy castle

Hire a Halloween bouncy castle

Replace trick or treat with bouncy castle hire

There are many reasons why parents may not want their children to walk around the streets playing trick or treat this Halloween.

Whether it’s due to safety concerns or simply impracticality, if you have decided that your little ones won’t be door knocking this year they don’t need to miss out on the fun. You can still make the event special by hiring a Halloween bouncy castle instead!

The benefits of Halloween bouncy castle hire

There are a few great things about hiring the kids a bouncy castle for Halloween. Let us talk you through a few of the highlights.

Great reasons to opt for Halloween bouncy castle hire:

  1. You keep the party outside! Muddy boots stay in the garden and there is less tidying up to do around the house than there might be after a traditional Halloween party.
  2. You replace sweets with exercise without removing any of the fun! You may still choose to give your children a few sweet treats but while ‘trick or treat’ is entirely based around your children collecting as many sweets as possible, a Halloween bouncy castle party is great fun but more conducive to you keeping an eye on what they eat.
  3. You’ll throw the best party! People don’t associate Halloween with bouncy castle hire so a bouncy castle party will be something unique that your little ones and their friends will get really excited about.
  4. You can theme your kid’s bouncy castle to the party! These days children don’t all dress as witches at Halloween. Many follow the US tradition of simply picking their favourite costume. If you’re likely to end up with a gaggle of superheroes or a swarm of Disney princesses you can hire a castle to suit.

Bouncy castle hire requirements

This year Halloween falls on a Tuesday, so you will pay our weekday prices for Halloween bouncy castle hire. That means that many of our castles are available for just £35, with everything included.

You’ll need a minimum of 12ftx15ft of outdoor space (some castles are larger, so please check in the description before you book) and you’ll need to make sure that you hire an adult friendly castle if you want people 16 years and over to join in the fun.

Halloween bouncy castle hire is an easy and affordable way to score some serious points with the kids! If you fancy it, drop us a line.