Better Bounce Disco Bouncy Castle Hire

disco bouncy castle

What’s more fun and exciting than a bouncy castle? A disco bouncy castle of course!

If you’re having a party in Liverpool, you’re probably looking for ways to make the party that little extra bit special with fun and quirky party twists. Most people have attended parties with a bouncy castle, but have they been invited to a disco party complete with bouncy castles that have music and lights? We think not!

Better Bounce are one of the first bouncy castle companies in Liverpool to offer this amazing inflatable. After the success of our inflatable disco domes we couldn’t resist creating a new inflatable that had the best of both of our regular bouncy castles and inflatable disco domes. Our disco bouncy castles have some fantastic features that are sure to make your party one to remember.

Hire a Disco Bouncy Castle in Liverpool

The best thing about our disco bouncy castles is that people of all ages can join in the fun as they’re suitable for both children and adults. So whether you‘re looking for something to make a bouncy castle even more exciting for the little ones or you want something more grown up for the adults, our disco bouncy castles are a great option! For the little ones, we have themed disco bouncy castles in a range of their favourite characters, from My Little Pony and Peppa Pig, to Paw Patrol and Beauty and the Beast plus much, much more!

Here are some of the features of our disco bouncy castles:

  • 12x15ft in size (please note you will need 15x18ft of garden space)
  • Prices are as little as £49 on weekdays and £59 on weekends
  • Built in Bluetooth that plays music of your choice and disco lights
  • Available in various colours and themes
  • Available with inflatable slide (Disco Slide Combo)
disco bouncy castle with slide

Our disco bouncy castles are an unusual alternative to regular bouncy castles. For as little as £49 you could have lighting, music, and a bouncy castle which would usually be costly if bought separately. Better Bounce has the complete package when it comes to parties, so if you are looking for last minute entertainment be sure to book your disco bouncy castle, your whole party in one inflatable! Give us a call on 0772 781 4373 to get your disco party underway!