Bouncy castle safety guidelines

Rules for bouncy castle safety

The importance of ongoing bouncy castle risk assessment

Of course bouncy castles are great fun but when it comes to any physical activity, particularly any activity involving apparatus like a bouncy castle, health and safety is of paramount importance.

As such, we encourage you to consider bouncy castle safety now – before you hire the castle – as well as keeping health and safety in your mind for the duration of the time that the bouncy castle is in use.

Bouncy castle safety doesn’t need to spoil your fun. Allowing safety to slip your mind definitely can.

Conducting a bouncy castle risk assessment before you book

When we talk about a bouncy castle risk assessment we are simply suggesting that you take a few moments now to observe some practical considerations that might influence the inflatable that you hire.

Here are the main things to consider:

Who will be at your event? If it is a family event with lots of adults and children, do you need to hire a bouncy castle that is safe for adults to use? This is a VERY important decision. If you hire a children’s bouncy castle then it is incredibly important that adults do not use it. If you think they’re going to want to, select from our range of bouncy castles that are safe for adult use.

What size space do you have? It is your responsibility to make sure that you have space to accommodate the bouncy castle you hire and permission to use the space. See our size guidelines (listed next to every bouncy castle) for details.

Will there be alcohol at your event? It is important for bouncy castle safety that people bounce responsibly! That means two things. Firstly, people should not bounce while drunk. Secondly, even if the adults aren’t using the castle, it’s up to you to make sure that there are responsible adults supervising at all times. If people will be drinking alcohol at the party, it might be a good idea to save that activity until after the bouncing has finished, or to designate several people as safety supervisors.

Those are decisions you might want to make now

Bouncy castle safety at the party

On the day, bouncy castle safety is down to you to ensure and there are a few key points that should be gently enforced:

  • No eating or drinking on the inflatable
  • It is unsafe to bounce on the step/front apron
  • Keep BBQs and cigarettes a safe distance away from the inflatable
  • Ensure that the upper age restriction of the inflatable is adhered to
  • Climbing, hanging or sitting on the walls is dangerous and should not be allowed
  • Overcrowding should be avoided
  • Young children in particular should be closely supervised
  • Shoes, bags and jewellery should be removed
  • The bouncy castle should be kept dry and not used during heavy rain
  • The air vent should be kept clear at all times

If you have any questions regarding bouncy castle safety please do contact us before you make your booking. We will be happy to provide guidance and ensure that you have a great experience.