Fun for all ages – go for adult bouncy castle hire in Liverpool!

you're not too old, there is adult bouncy castle hire in Liverpool

Forget your age, be a kid for the day!

Something we see often when it comes to hiring our bouncy castles out, is the fact that the adults love it just as much as the kids do, and 9/10, when we arrive to take the bouncy castle away for the day, the remaining bouncers are a small team of the big ones so this is why we want to tell you about adult bouncy castle hire in Liverpool!

We would also like to add, they have usually had a tipple and think they can now somersault like Olympic athletes. They can’t – but it’s hilarious to watch, not that we can officially advocate boozing and bouncing…

Pick us! We offer cheap bouncy castle hire in Liverpool

We won’t go around in circles with this one – our prices are cheap and you will find it hard to find a company who can beat them.

How cheap?

They start from just £35 for a full day hire with set up and take down. We told you…

We keep our prices low because we want to encourage you to keep coming back to us, because you know you won’t break the bank every time that you do. We have seen adult bouncy castle hire in Liverpool hit triple figures – we don’t want to do this.

Can adults really hire a bouncy castle?

Of course – why not? We were all kids once, and we are all entitled to a little regression every once in awhile! You’d probably be very surprised how popular our whole bouncy castles for adults thing is – and a lot of our bookings are for adult only parties.

We have to be honest here, we love seeing the kids diving on and really enjoying themselves, but there is something about an adult who has been working all week diving onto one of our bouncy castles and really letting go. Especially when they’re squealing like toddlers.

Our secret weapon: disco dome hire in Liverpool

Here’s one you probably haven’t heard of, and if you have, if we were face to face we would so do an acknowledging smile and smirk.

Our disco dome… it’s boss.

Think of a bouncy castle, in the dark, with loads of lights and loud music.

We told you – boss.

A great way to spice up a party that you’re having, and a definite conversation starter – our disco dome can be inflated in your garden just like any other castle, only this one is all about the adults, and allows you to bounce around like a big soft kid, without feeling like a bit of a divvy.

We know there’s definitely some of you who are reading this and secretly want our superhero castle, but if you’re 40 plus, maybe you should let go a little and come to a happy compromise. We guarantee that you will be glad you tried it.

You become the DJ

The speakers in our disco dome are integrated into the castle and Bluetooth compatible, so you are free to choose the tunes and play DJ for the night; no more going up to a really aggravated looking disk jockey and asking him to play Abba – you can do it all on your own in our disco dome, and show everybody what horrendous taste you have in music!

Our disco dome hire in Liverpool is an all-in-one kind of deal, a disco and bouncy castle all in one, which is why we really recommend it for the likes of house parties, where you want to offer people somewhere a bit better to dance than you back kitchen.

Plus, have you ever seen the state of the floor from everyone scuffing it up dancing the night before? Not fun to clean – just throw them in the dome and be done with them!

Like we say, we can’t officially advocate boozing and bouncing, but we can tell you from experience, it’s loads of fun…

Come on, join in with adult bouncy castle hire in Liverpool

Now you know how much fun you can really have on one of our bouncy castles or disco domes don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today about adult bouncy castle hire in Liverpool or of course disco dome hire in Liverpool.

You can contact us through the website or even drop us an inbox on Facebook, we will respond within no time!